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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

“So like, when are you opening the store?”

Okay, did they just ask that or did I think it again? Sometimes it’s hard to remember, we ask that same question a lot.

Despite the wavering patience that has accompanied the process of opening the store, understanding has maintained a presence as well. Understanding in that rehabilitating four historic, abandoned, and neglected buildings is no small task.

When you take a look at the Block22 apartments, Root Coffeehouse, and The Foundry it’s pretty amazing. Some may say it’s even worth a little patience ;)

We know this process has been long, and the dates keep getting pushed back. But know that we are eager to get our artisans’ products into your hands and home. To prove that, we are hosting pop-up shops and attending fairs until the permanent store opens.

Come see us this Saturday, February 9th from 11A-2P in the Co-Working Space next to Root to buy quality, affordable, LOCAL products from artisans just like you.

No, this isn’t ideal. But I mean really, is anything in life ever, “ideal?”

We’re anticipating the store opening in mid-late spring. We promise, when it opens, it’s going to knock your socks off.

Until then, keep buying online, coming to our events, and encouraging local makers. We need your support; YOU are what makes Sonder happen.

So yeah, basically we just want to say thank you for being patient and know that we are on top of things. Until then, we’ll see you this weekend, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions (take your money) whenever you need.

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