Meet Tiffany!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

For this week's Meet the Maker we wanted to introduce a very popular artisan in our family- Tiffany Trejo of Black Label Candle Company!

Tiffany is one of our community artisans and resides with her puppers and husband in Wichita, KS (our hometown *insert little hearts*). We've been working with Tiffany since October and you guys sure love her products.

Tiffany makes our all of our Black Label line- the wax melt, 6 oz. candles, and 12 oz. candles. These candles are unlike anything you've ever burned or smelled; they're made of soy wax which has a longer burn time and a stronger scent cast than the cheaper paraffin wax candles traditionally sold.

To help compare, the 3-wick candle you buy at Bath & Body Works is 14.5 oz. and has a 35 hour clean burn time. Tiffany's 12 oz. soy candle has a clean 90 hour burn time on it.

The quality of her products are unmatched and we are so proud to offer her amazing, locally sourced and made products in our store. Stop by today to grab one and try it out for yourself!

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