Designer. Founder. Right Brain.

I was born and raised in small town Valley Center, Kansas- however most people don't know where that is so I usually proudly say I'm from Wichita instead. I was brought up by my supportive parents, unique/caring brother, and my beloved dog-child. When I'm not completely swamped with homework and actually have free time I enjoy designing (of course), being with friends/family, marveling at the great outdoors (hiking and camping mostly), and spending time with Jesus.


I have always had an eye for design, a mind for entrepreneurship and a heart for community. While growing up I was always involved in my school and volleyball while participating in as many art classes as possible. My junior year of high school I really became interested in graphic design and quickly picked it up. I got my first job as a graphic designer the following summer and maintained that position as well as designing on the side for other clients until I left for college.

I made the decision my senior year of high school to go to Pittsburg State University and study Graphic Communications. The first day of moving in to my dorm at PSU, I met my R.A. who happened to be Brittan. She noticed my Wichita flag pennant on my wall and we instantly bonded over our love for our home community and all of the unique things about it. Little did I know how this interaction would impact my life. Several months later Brittan and I became amazing friends and love spending time adventuring, shopping, and of course staying up until 3 am eating pizza and doing homework. In fact, those late nights created the idea of Sonder & Co. in the first place. Suddenly all of my passions for design, entrepreneurship, and creativity collided in to one beautiful project and it makes nothing but perfect sense. 

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my big dreams. Thank you for supporting Sonder & Co.


fave color: black

fave food: s'mores

current coffee obsession: not really coffee, but root's fruit refresher

current boutique obsession: thrifting






Operations. Owner. Left Brain.

I was born and raised in the heart of Wichita, KS, one of the most amazing cities ever (right after Pittsburg of course).  I belong to two amazing parents who support and tolerate all my insane adventures, and I have the three most amazing little sisters a girl could ask for. When I’m not studying communication, perfecting my mediocre cooking skills, or working for the City, I enjoy reading, drinking coffee and spending time with the people I love. 


But how did I get here? Having been born the child of two PSU alums, the transition to Pittsburg was rather natural when it came time for college. In my time here, I have been given insurmountable opportunities to represent PSU, one of those being my job as a Resident Assistant in Nation Hall. 


It was in this position that I met Kailey. I was meandering down my hall on move-in day meeting all my girls and introducing myself to them and their parents when a Wichita flag pennant caught my attention and I burst into the room and asked who it belonged to. It was then that Kailey stepped out from behind a box with her big Kailey smile and claimed it with pride. Little did I know that this interaction would be the beginning of one crazy adventure. Since then, we have have spent countless hours shopping, drinking coffees, and developing a brand that encapsulates all that we love.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this business and this initiative. You may not realize it but Sonder includes you, you are the passerby that lives a life as vivid and complex as mine; I hope to see you in our store one day and I hope to share and celebrate life with you!


fave color: yellow

fave food: french fries

current coffee obsession: black coffee, always and forever

current boutique obsession: audacious boutique (love you Syd)

current localist obsession: any hand-poured soy candle